Bind9 not updating zone serial

Each key record contains a name, algorithm type, and key.

Using the username ([email protected]), algorithm (HMAC-MD5, as shown in the key) and the key from the nsupdate example, the key record will look like (NOTE: "secret" line is wrapped; it appears as a single line in the configuration file, with the two halves separated by a single space character) Once keys are added to the file, you may begin associating keys with DNS zones and DNS records, giving the owners of the keys permission to add/update/delete DNS records.

Since the server is automatically updating this file, it is important to remember to not hand-edit this file, because your changes will be overwritten by the next dynamic update.


And [email protected](a user key) can update any record in the zone.We will use the dummy domain After completing this guide, you should have two authoritative-only name servers configured for your domain zones.


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