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With so many baby boomer websites out there, it’s difficult to know which ones to pay attention to.So, to help you sort through the options, I have prepared a list of some of my favorites.Bragg Creek’s retirees especially appreciate the calming effect of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.If you are artistic, you will love all of the scenery that you could capture in your work. White Rock, British Columbia White Rock is a scenic seaside community which contains eight kilometers of sandy beaches and the glorious waters of Semiahmoo Bay.

Like the real estate prices or not, Toronto is considered the 13th best place to invest in 2017, by 6.

If you enjoy the energetic environment of a big city or being surrounded by magnificent nature, then Vancouver is the place for you.

“Hollywood North” has some of Canada’s most well recognize entertainment, restaurants, arts, and culture.

Many of these websites help us to celebrate our past and relive our best memories.

Others are more focused on the future and provide advice on getting the most from retirement and experiencing healthy aging.

Of course, you are also welcome here on Sixty and Me, one of the largest communities of baby boomer women in the world. As the name suggests, they focus on issues related to consumer products, particularly those for boomers and seniors.


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