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Chronological analysis of the use of wood shows that the number of items made of timber from deciduous trees in all regions of Poland decreased in the late Middle Ages when compared to the Piast period of the early Middle Ages.

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In medieval Europe, timber was both one of the most important and readily available raw materials which was used in various commercial fields and absolutely essential for making all kinds of items used in everyday life (Mączak ).

The great diversity of functions and dimensions of everyday wooden objects which have been found in many medieval archaeological sites raises questions about the identification of the timber used.

It proceeded most quickly in Wielkopolska (Great Poland) and in the southern part of the uplands of Małopolska (Little Poland) (Kornaś ), important changes in the development of the vegetational and cultural landscape of Poland took place during the last 2,000 years, but in many regions the most intensive change of plant cover from woodland to mainly open land through human activity was from ca. This process is most evident in Wielkopolska and Małopolska and corresponds very well with the leading role of Ziemia Krakowska, the area around Kraków and central Wielkopolska in the 11th century in the formation of the Polish state by the first Piast dynasty (Makohonienko , changed); b geobotanical divisions of Poland.


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