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Most employers rightly believe that a person’s past actions are the best predictor of their future actions, and so your professional past counts for a ton in the hiring process.You’ve built up a past that’s now functioning as screaming warning sign employers.I have had some college but didn’t manage a degree – because I dropped out.(I dropped out because I did not work well with my professors, and got stressed out with work added in the mix.)I am currently looking for work, but believe I cannot find it due to companies that primarily hire based on online and personality applications, lack of a good structured work history, no achievements, and my inability to interact with societal norms. This also isn’t about not being challenged; loads of people have jobs that aren’t particularly challenging and they hold on to them anyway because of a work ethic or sense of responsibility or or because they’re working toward something better or because of a basic interest in having a paycheck and a stable work history.The second longest is a year and a month, 2012-2013 for a security company. I blame my personality type, INTJ, and quit most positions without having another job lined up, so I have a lot of gaps in my employment history as well.

En tout, 2 millions de personnes le passent chaque année (en France, les écoles de commerce le font passer à leurs élèves pour les orienter).La partie la plus fascinante est le fil "porn" de certains comme celui de Personality Cafe.Non, il ne s’agit pas de contenus pour adultes, mais d’images susceptibles de plaire aux gens d’un certain type.C'est un ami qui m’a fait découvrir ça, alors que j'étais en vacances chez lui.

Ayant récolté le même profil – ENFP ou "inspirateur", qui représenterait 7% de la population –, on a passé le reste de la semaine à se trouver des traits de caractère communs.La justesse du diagnostic, longuement détaillé, en était même un peu flippante. J’ai d'abord mis cette sensation de justesse sur le compte de l’effet Barnum, un biais psychologique qui explique qu’on se retrouve toujours un peu dans notre signe astrologique par exemple, car les descriptions sont assez vagues et flatteuses.


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