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Hence the tuxedos, umbrellas, and Out of Africa outfit. Kevin & Demi rarely do an episode solo bolo, and often have one other person in the studio discussing the episode.The guests, usually comedians or in that world, either are fans of the show or, like Demi, have never seen it before.I first heard of it last December, since my friends know I’m a crazy Gilly (GG fan), they asked if I had listened to this podcast yet.The conceit is simple – a longtime fan (Kevin) and someone who had never seen the show before (Demi) discuss every episode in the show’s seven-season run.If I still don’t like it after the third one, I quit.I’d say apply that rule to this podcast (even though I think you’ll only need one to get into them).Also, they’ve interviewed executive producer Helen Pai and composer Sam Phillips (the ‘La Las’ singer), and maybe my fave gab, with casting directors Jami Rudofsky and Mara Casey, who are fantastically enthusiastic and give great insight on behind-the-scenes stuff.



And that’s what I’m going to do today for this post.

Adding to the ‘perfect storm’ is Demi, someone who is popular on the Internet (just don’t call him a Vine star), funny, and up for anything, including agreeing to do a podcast for a seven-season show he’s never seen before and doesn’t even know if he’ll like.


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