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Trial and Conviction Tru TV's In Session and CNN's Headline News televised the trial which began on July 20, 2010 with jury selection. Prosecutors brought up the history between the two in order to show that Wade intended to kill her rival over Joshua Camacho.The defense argued self defense under the Stand Your Ground law in which Florida encompasses.The jury heard the voicemails, which Ludemann saved eight months prior, in which Wade stated that she was going to kill her.This ultimately sealed her fate as the jury took three hours to find her guilty of murder in the second degree.This case has been featured in Dateline NBC in February 2011, Deadly Women in November 2011, Facing Evil with Candice De Long in December 2011 and on E! Charlie Ludemann, Sarah's father, has filed a civil suit against Rachel.



She is housed at Lowell Correctional Institution Annex.Wade had claimed self-defense and hoped for an acquittal or no more than a manslaughter conviction.


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