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- Some of the mechanical elements of this Type 35 pre-date this restoration as the front axle bears the number 11 and the water pump displays number 12.The rear axle belongs to the very first model : it has, along with the strut (currently welded and not mounted), the number 2 and stroke ratio 14-54.- olsheim controlled the stamping on the lower crankcase of the vehicle with the numbers 4451 and 25.The two cases, as well as the gearboxe and the steering box, also show adjustment marks " 0 ", which suggests the fitting of new factory parts during the refurbishment of the vehicle.


This car disappeared around 1934, having been fitted with a Maserati engine by Luigi Premoli.

- Chassis 4491 (with engine 34) was delivered on to Michele Baccoli, from Milan. An inspection of the vehicle in its current configuration, untouched since the 1930s, has provided valuable information that we can now report: - The chassis is an original Type 35 chassis, without supercharger, and dates from the spring of 1927.


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