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If a customer can be found for the one-careful-owner, impeccably maintained plane, then the future of the world’s biggest passenger aircraft looks brighter.The lifespan of a typical plane involves several identities.The airline already has a dozen A380s of its own, and plenty of experienced Airbus pilots who could be trained on the plane.The bigger plane would help extract maximum value from those most precious of aviation assets, slots at Heathrow, by flying 36 per cent more passengers than BA’s next-biggest aircraft, the Boeing 747.No doubt British Airways believes it can negotiate a bargain.But the owner has an alternative: cannibalising the aircraft for parts, to keep other A380s flying.After a South Pacific sojourn, the 767 flew back to its Canadian owner.Three years ago it was “densified” with an extra 69 economy seats and transferred to the budget brand, Air Canada Rouge, where it is working very hard: last Sunday alone the twin-jet flew from Trinidad to Toronto and then made two round-trips to Florida and back.


^One way economy starter fares come with 7kg carry-on baggage only. Three more end-of-lease aircraft will soon join it.


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