Updating a bathroom

I used Liquid Nails to attach all the boards so I didn’t need a nail gun, but a level is a must to make sure your boards are vertically as well as horizontally straight when you attach them to the wall.

I spaced mine 12” apart which made it easy as I just placed a wood 12” ruler between the boards to get perfect spacing.

My girls were little then, now they are 24 and 21 – they grew up using this bathroom. I don’t do electrical or plumbing – that is hubby’s contribution.

I have recapped everything I did in the bathroom in this post and have included links to the actual tutorials if you would like all the specifics for each project.

If you're like me, those bathrooms tend to get overlooked when it comes to exciting home renovation projects.



Soon after thinking about all this, I saw an inexpensive brown damask shower curtain while browsing at Home Goods.

I fixed that by adding a piece of plywood and crown molding above it. I chose the wall color to match the molded tub – I wanted the tub to blend more seamlessly in the room – not stick out.



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