Updating links in word


This saves you from having to search for the text when it comes time to print your documents, and you are confident the documents contain the latest, most accurate information.

Any changes you make to the text in the original document appears in all documents where the text is linked.

If you frequently insert the same block of text in many documents and this text is occasionally updated, you may want to consider inserting the text as a link.

When you insert the text as a link, any edits you make to the linked text automatically appear in every document that contains the link.

After you have completed the following steps, the table in Word will be automatically updated whenever you change the data in the Excel spreadsheet document. Place the cursor in the area of the Word document where you want the Excel data to be displayed and right-click. From now on, when you update the Excel file, the table in Word will also be updated.

Choose either "Link & Keep Source Formatting" or "Link & Use Destination Styles" depending on whether you want to use the formatting and style options from the original Excel file or the Word document respectively. Be aware, however, that you will need to repeat the previous steps if you change the location or name of the Excel file.

It is possible to manually edit the text in the Field Code.


He has completed college-level English language and English literature studies.When trying to update a link in Word by right-clicking on it and selecting the "update link" option it brings up the Macro warning dialog for the spreadsheet, asking whether I want to activate Macros or not.It doesn't do this just once but constantly during the 20s or so the update process takes (which seems unusually long to me). Also, I was wondering if it is possible to set a document to not ask for updating the links every time you open it (I mean, without running a Macro at launch).Warning: If you move the file containing the text, you have to re-insert an updated link to the text in all the linked documents, so it is best to consider this before you begin.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about linking Excel files into Power Point.

Whilst the basic process is the same as Power Point, the method of implementation is a little different.



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